Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mermaid Wall Art

This mermaid is 5 feet in length and cut from plywood.  I applied texture, painted, and gave it a wax finish. This photo shows the mermaid at different stages of painting. The mermaid will be hung in a home with nautical and antique decor throughout, so she had to look aged. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Mad Hatter

There are more decorations to share, but this was my favorite. He is life size and out of plywood. I used acrylic paint and sealed him with a matte finish so photos with the Mad Hatter would not have a glare.  A glossy finish will reflect the camera flash. I embellished the Mad Hatter with lace from old curtains, thread, safety pins, a key, real buttons, fabric, hat pins and a feather. He didn't dance at prom, but he posed for lots of pictures! 

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Cupcakes

I had so much fun making the stands for the cupcakes! I loved how the table was decorated. The cupcakes were super cute and yummo!!   http://www.cupcakerybythesea.com
A Cupcakery by the Sea baked and decorated our cupcakes this year and last and we were all impressed.

Talented Prom Committee

The giant canvas and these centerpieces were painted by the students and parents. There was definitely talent on this committee! 

Alice in Wonderland Prom

Here are some of the centerpieces on the tables. The bubbles instead of confetti on the tables were a big hit.

Prom Table Centerpieces

Can you tell so far that it didn't matter what version of Alice in Wonderland we used for inspiration and decoration? I think it made their prom unique!

NWFSC Collegiate High School prom 2013

Pictured above is the candy buffet table, one of the centerpieces, the podium, and the entrance. The stairs were not going to be used, so it was a good place for the card to paint the roses red.

Alice in Wonderland Prom

The prom is over and it looks like rain, so I thought I'd update my blog with some of the decorations I made for this year. The prom committee was very helpful as there were some talented moms and student artists who took wood table centerpieces I cut out home to paint. We also had several work days to make giant flowers, mushrooms, signs.  Here are 2 characters I cut out of plywood and painted. The White Rabbit stood outside the giant keyhole door to the dance hall.